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What Internet Speed Do You Need?

The internet speed that works for you depends on how you use the internet. Our Internet Experts can help find the perfect fit for you, but here are the basics:

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Number of Devices
More than 14
Number of Devices Activity Recommended
Download Speed
1–6 Surfing the web, email, social media, occasionally streaming 100 Mbps or more
7–14 Online multiplayer gaming, HD streaming, photo sharing 500 Mbps or more
More than 14 Working remotely, attending online classes, playing multiplayer games, 4K streaming, multiple smart home devices 800 Mbps or more

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How to Choose the Right Internet Company

When you choose an internet plan, you’re not just choosing the type of connection and speed. You’re also choosing a company, so it’s important to make sure it’s the right fit.

  1. Are there fiber internet data caps?
    A data cap is a restriction on how much information you can send and receive online. If you go over your limit, you can experience much slower speeds for the rest of your billing cycle or be hit with large fees. Choose a provider with no fiber internet data caps and skip the worry.
  2. Is there transparent pricing?
    Some providers entice new customers with low intro rates. But then your rate increases (and increases) and you wind up paying significantly more for the exact same service. Instead, look for a provider who uses predictable billing instead of teaser rates.
  3. Are there lengthy contracts?
    For most services, a one-year contract is standard. But if you tend to move more often than that, be sure to factor in early termination fees before signing up. And if the provider uses multi-year contracts, proceed with caution.

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